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Compression Treatments at Little to No Cost

Now that you have found that compression therapy is a highly effective treatment for your pain and swelling, are you ready for some more great news? Your compression therapy may be yours with nothing paid out of pocket, or at least, very affordable! Most of our compression therapy products are covered by Medicare or most insurance plans. Below is a quick Q and A about payment and reimbursement, but we stand ready to answer any other questions, and we work hard to get you your compression treatment at a reasonable cost if not absolutely free.

Will Medicare pay for my pump?
Yes, Medicare has a specific set of guidelines in order for the patient to qualify for payment of the compression therapy pump. They will replace the pump every 5 years as long as you still qualify.
Do you have a payment plan for the compression therapy pump should the patient not have insurance coverage?
Yes, we will provide a payment plan on a case by case basis.
What is co-insurance?
Co-insurance is a provision by which the insured (patient) individual shares in the cost of certain expenses. For example: If the patient's insurance company pays 80% of such expenses the patient's responsibility will be the remaining 20%.
When do you collect the co-insurance and is there a payment plan available for co-insurance?
We collect the co-insurance either at the time of set up or we can make arrangements to bill the patient. We can arrange a payment plan for the co-insurance on a case by case basis.
Is it necessary for you to collect co-insurance?
Yes, by law we must attempt to collect co-insurance from every patient.
Do you have a financial hardship policy?
Yes, we do have a financial hardship policy. If a patient qualifies for a hardship through poverty guidelines we will forgive the co-insurance.
How do I find out if my insurance will cover the compression therapy pump?
Once we receive the order from your physician our billing staff will contact your insurance to verify coverage for the compression pump.

Many compression therapy products are covered by Medicare and insurance carriers. Our representatives will be able to determine coverage and answer any questions you may have regarding coverage and patient responsibility.

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