Spectrum Healthcare – Lymphedema Compression Products

Spectrum Healthcare is a leading supplier of many types of lymphedema compression bandages and pumps, as well as many other lymphedema products. From short compression bandages, used to apply pressure to lymph veins to aid in drainage, to lymphedema compression pumps which are essential in controlling swelling and other lymphedema symptoms, Spectrum Healthcare’s comprehensive line of lymphedema products is sure to have the product or solution that best fits your individualized therapy plan.

Many lymphedema sufferers are able to control their symptoms through the use of various compression techniques. These techniques actively force blood and lymph fluid from tissue and veins, in the case of lymphedema pumps, and also provide resistance the enables the body to work harder on its own, in the case of lymphedema compression products, which can work in tandem to help control the swelling and discomfort associated with lymphedema. Furthermore, these lymphedema products are a vital part of patients’ therapy processes and help sufferers to lead more normal, more active lifestyles.

Lymphedema compression therapy is one of the most widely used and effective treatments for controlling the symptoms of lymphedema. There are many types of lymphedema products that help with compression therapy, but the primary methods of applying controlled pressure are wrap bandages and lymphedema pumps. Each has their own benefits and are typically combined with one another and perhaps other lymphedema therapies to provide the most comprehensive therapy process possible.

Lymphedema compression bandages. Compression bandages, similar to those used for wrist sprains, are simply bandages that are wrapped tightly around the affected area. This compression provides resistance against which the lymph veins can push. This resistance allows the veins to work harder and more efficiently to more completely empty themselves of lymph fluid. In many cases, these compression bandages can enable a greatly increased volume of fluid flow from and can even help to soften tissues and veins that are affected by lymphedema.

Lymphedema pumps. Lymphedema pumps, pneumatic pumps that compress affected areas within inflatable sleeves, are a more active means of lymphedema therapy. These pumps work in a controlled and graduated manner to “cycle” veins through pressure-negative pressure processes by adding and removing pressure. Lymphedema pumps are known to provide similar therapy as that provided by compression bandages and they have the added benefit of softening other tissues which promotes additional fluid flow. However, these pumps may also force lymph fluid into other areas of surrounding tissue, and thus they are often used in conjunction with compression bandages which can help to contain the fluid while it is being evacuated from the area.

While there’s no easy method for controlling lymphedema symptoms, many lymphedema products can be used together to create a personalized, comprehensive therapy plan. These plans work with a patient’s body to promote fluid flow and reduce swelling and discomfort. Additionally, these techniques help to reduce the chance of infection that comes with tissue swelling, a very real danger that can greatly complicate the relief efforts of traditional lymphedema therapy


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