What is venous insufficiency treatment and what does it accomplish?

When the veins in a person’s extremities – usually the lower legs – are not effective in circulating blood up to the heart, the person is said to have venous insufficiency. This condition, like most, has unique risk factors and symptoms. Venous insufficiency treatment is also specialized with the goal of reducing swelling and pain by “jump-starting” blood flow in the lower legs.

This problem can be either acute or chronic. Certain illnesses and injuries can cause it, in which cases it usually clears up once the illness or injury no longer exists. Chronic venous insufficiency is more commonly seen and is caused by an alteration in the valves in the blood vessels. It will present health challenges to patients for a long period or for the rest of their lives.

In a “healthy” body, the deep leg vein valves work well to prevent blood from collecting in the lower extremities. But if the valves are damaged or simply are no longer there, blood will linger in the veins. This is a particular problem for people who spend long amounts of time on their feet.

Various other factors create the risk of developing this condition. Older people, particularly women, are more susceptible as are people who are taller than average, obese, pregnant or have an existing or previous case of deep vein thrombosis in one or both legs. As noted, people who are on their feet for long periods are more at risk, and so are people who are seated for hours at a time.

A number of symptoms can be present including pain, changes in the color of skin in the area of the ankles – often redness – superficial varicose veins, harder and thicker skin on ankles and legs and leg and ankle ulcers.

The most commonly prescribed venous insufficiency treatment is either compression stockings worn on the affected area or compression pumps, which send steady or intermittent air pressure through sleeves worn where there is swelling.

Many varieties of treatment equipment are available. Spectrum Healthcare has a wide understanding of swelling and inflammation conditions and we carry a full line of products designed to help people reduce swelling and pain.

If your physician has recommended venous insufficiency treatment, give us a call at (888) 210-5576. You can also reach us through our website here. We’ll be happy to help you find the products that work optimally for you.


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