What are the benefits of lymphedema compression therapy?

Lymphedema can be the result of genetics, but in most cases it comes from various injuries or infections that affect the lymphatic system and cause it to operate ineffectively. In either case, the patient experiences often painful swelling, most commonly in the lower extremities, i.e., legs, ankles and feet.

Some patients also have edema (swelling) in the arms, wrists and fingers. Fortunately there are lymphedema compression devices that are designed to reduce swelling in both the legs and arms.

Compression is accomplished with both wraps and compression pumps. Wraps, sometimes called compression garments, serve to give support to the muscles in the affected area and cause them to move lymph fluid out of that area. By preventing fluid build-up, the patient experiences a decrease in pain and discomfort.

Compression pumps provide sequential pneumatic treatment for swelling conditions by mimicking the lymphatic system, causing lymph fluid to move out of the affected area and in the right direction through the body. Pump therapy also aids in wound healing by increasing blood circulation. Pumps work by sending constant or intermittent pressure to a specialized wrap or garment worn by the patient.

For lymphedema compression to be effective, patient compliance is critical. This means that patients need to follow the orders of their physicians and apply their wraps and use their pumps for the prescribed amount of time each day and, in the case of pump therapy, have the correct level of pressure sent to the body part.

Using compression systems for the first time can be disconcerting, but your healthcare provider will explain the process thoroughly to you, answer your questions and address your concerns. Spectrum Healthcare also can help with various aspects of lymphedema therapy.

We carry a complete line of lymphedema wraps and pump systems as well as a wide range of related accessories and equipment. Because we’re recognized experts in compression products and know how they work and how you should apply them, we’re able to provide the support you need every day.

If you’re a lymphedema patient and would like to know more about lymphedema compression products, one of our friendly staff members would be happy to help you select the optimal therapeutic devices for your specific condition. You can reach us at (888) 210-5576, or you can contact us through our website. We look forward to hearing from you.


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