How two types of lymphedema equipment help patients live better lives

A person with lymphedema knows how uncomfortable swelling in various parts of their bodies can make them feel. Excess fluid buildup, particularly in the outer extremities, is a symptom that can result from injury or a variety of medical conditions. Thanks to innovative lymphedema equipment, this symptom can be successfully treated.

We’ll look at the two primary pieces of equipment for treating and managing swelling disorders – compression wraps and compression pumps.

Compression wraps
When there is swelling in the extremities, several different styles of compression wraps are able to improve blood supply to the area and keep distention and swelling down. Wraps are made of either elastic or non-elastic materials, some with several layers. Each is ideal for delivering specific compression levels.

Used correctly under the direction of a physician, compression wraps are excellent lymphedema equipment to help decrease painful swelling and heal venous stasis ulcers.

In the case of the lower extremities, some of these wraps deliver compression to the entire lower leg and foot; others focus primarily on the ankles. Most are easy to adjust in order to obtain a therapeutic compression level and can be worn both day and night.

Compression pumps
Pumps deliver an automated level of compression by inflating a series of chambers within vinyl sleeves that are worn over the swollen area. Various styles are designed for targeted therapy for feet, arms, hands and legs, which are the most common areas of swelling.

These pumps are programmable for a specific pressure, speed and type of compression – graduated or sequential.

Compression pumps work well at reducing swelling and its resultant pain. They actually mimic the action of the lymphatic system to push backed-up fluid out of the affected area and back into circulation within the body. Wound healing is quickened because of increased circulation and the therapeutic effect is consistent and predictable.

Of course there are many other features to these types of lymphedema equipment. Spectrum Healthcare handles a full line of wraps and pumps made by top manufacturers. When your doctor prescribes compression treatment, see us first for the best quality devices at the most competitive prices.

If you have questions about specific lymphedema products or want to know more about how this equipment is used, you can visit us in Phoenixville, PA., or give us a call at (888) 210-5576. You can also send an e-mail by clicking here.


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