Is Compression Therapy Covered by Healthcare?

With compression therapy recognized as a very effective way to treat venous disorders, many insurance companies cover it, either completely or at a reduction in cost to you. Much of the equipment used in compression therapy is covered by Medicare and a majority of insurance plans. Below is a list of items and notes about payment options.

If a patient meets a specific set of guidelines, they may qualify to get a compression therapy pump through Medicare. In addition, as long as a patient continues to qualify, Medicare will replace the pump every five years.

Optional payments
If a patient doesn’t qualify or have insurance, many compression therapy equipment suppliers offer payment plans. They will generally consider each patient on a case by case basis.

Commonly referred to as “Co-Pay,” when insurance covers only a percentage of a treatment and the patient is expected to pay for the remainder, it is considered co-insurance. If, for example, an insurance company pays 75%, the patient must pay the other 25%.

Paying for co-insurance
The patient’s share of co-insurance is generally due at the time of set-up. A payment plan for the patient’s share of the cost is sometimes available on a case by case basis. Check with your supplier for their requirements regarding paying for co-insurance.

Must I pay for co-insurance?
Yes. By law, the company must collect, or attempt to collect, co-insurance from each patient. Legally, the supplier cannot let a patient simply not pay their share.

Financial hardship
If a patient is facing financial hardship, some compression therapy suppliers offer a financial hardship policy. In some cases, if a patient is experiencing hardship and meets all qualifying requirements, the patient’s share of the co-insurance payment may be forgiven.

Are you covered?
When a physician sends a patient’s order to a compression therapy business, they will verify coverage by contacting the patient’s insurance provider.


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