Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment

If you, or a loved one, have recently been diagnosed with peripheral artery disease, you are not alone. More than 8 million Americans are affected by peripheral artery disease, a condition that can greatly influence the comfort, mobility, and health of the patient. Spectrum offers a wide variety of best in class pumps for peripheral artery disease treatment.

Peripheral artery disease is basically the hardening of the arteries, a process also called atherosclerosis, in any peripheral artery outside the heart (issues in the heart are considered coronary artery disease). Cholesterol and fat in the blood can become stuck to the walls of the arteries, and over time harden into a substance called plaque. Like a clogged pipe, the artery begins to have trouble keep up normal blood flow, and sometimes a complete blockage can occur. Reduced blood flow to extremities like the legs and feet can be painful, and the compromised circulation can cause damage to the tissue.

The most commonly prescribed peripheral artery disease treatment is called graduated sequential compression therapy. Using pumps attached to bandages that are placed around the affected areas of the body, the peripheral artery disease treatment helps increase blood flow, in turn improving the health of the limb.

There are two types of pumps that are used for peripheral artery disease treatment, and Spectrum offers a full line of options in both styles.

The first type, compression systems, are a peripheral artery disease treatment that includes a pump and clothing-like garments with inflatable chambers. The garments are worn over the affected area, and the pump inflates and deflates the garment — almost like a blood pressure cuff — based on the pressure, speed, and methods specified by the user. Your doctor will provide you with a prescription detailing what settings to use, as well as how long to wear the garment and how many treatments to perform each day.

The second type, arterial pumps, are similar in appearance to a compression system, but the pump works a little differently. With this style of peripheral artery disease treatment, the garments receive rapid inflation and graduated, high-pressure compression repeatedly and often. This pattern helps push blood through the veins and capillaries into the affected areas, allowing the blood to help the area heal.

Spectrum provides patients with the pump that their doctor has decided would work best for them. We have a variety of sizes and styles, from basic to more advanced models. Most are covered by insurance plans, including Medicare. Discuss the best option for you with your doctor, or call our customer service line to learn more about the models and your best match.


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