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Why Spectrum Healthcare?

Patients and their doctors choose Spectrum Healthcare because we are experts in compression therapy products and their application. And when you are suffering from debilitating pain and swelling you don't want to waste time and money - you want the best solution and you want it now! We help patients, doctors and nurses navigate through the many product options to match them with the compression solution best suited to the specific area and specific ailment.

Spectrum Healthcare, Inc. has 25 years of combined experience in the compression industry. We remain at the forefront of technology, patient education and customer service. Our compression therapy products benefit patients with a range of conditions, from chronic edema, lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency, venous stasis ulcers, peripheral vascular disease, and other serious circulatory disorders.

You Aren't Alone

In Home Set Up and One-on-One Instruction

Spectrum is much more than a product distributor. We make sure you have the right compression treatment and then set up the compression therapy equipment, make sure it is working properly, and provide one-on-one instruction until you are comfortable operating your new compression therapy equipment on your own.

We Got You Covered

Most Therapy Products Are Fully Covered by Medicare and Insurance Plans!

Compression treatment is recognized as a simple, effective and inexpensive treatment that help remedy chronic and severe swelling. We guide patients through their coverage options with speed and ease and most times find out that costs are fully covered by Medicare and most insurance.

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