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  • Relief from Chronic Pain and Swelling
  • Advanced Compression Therapy Once
    Only Available in Hospitals and Clinics
  • Complete In-Home Set Up and One-on-One Instruction
  • Paid for by Medicare or Your Insurance Provider

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Full Line of Compression Therapy
Products & Treatments, Now At Home!

Once only available in hospitals and clinics, now Spectrum Healthcare brings the best and most advanced compression therapy products, Lymphedema Products and treatment to your home. We have a full line of compression treatment products and Lymphedema Products to remedy mild to severe swelling conditions caused by a wide range of vascular and circulatory problems. Compression therapy is widely recognized as a highly effective treatment for disorders like lymphedema, edema, venous disease, PAD, chronic non-healing wounds and many other arterial and vascular ailments.

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Our dedicated team are helping people with chronic pain and swelling.

First in Care: Because We Care First

Spectrum Healthcare is not a company, but a team of dedicated people that share the same compassion and concern for helping people with chronic pain and swelling…

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We are always here 24/7 to help patients and doctors understand their options and make the best choice.

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At Little to No Cost

Find out more about Medicare and insurance coverage for our compression and wound therapies.

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